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  • 1.How old are you? 24 years old
  • 2.Are you single? i am not single..engaged last year..
  • 3.At what age do you think you'll get married? 24 years old..
  • 4.Do you think you'll marry the person you are with now? Yes..
  • 5.If not, who do you want to marry? nope..
  • 6.Who will be your bridesmaid & bestman? not decide yet...
  • 7.Do you want a garden/beach or traditional wedding? traditional...
  • 8.Where do you plan to go on honeymoon? Australia.
  • 9.How many guests do you think you'll invite? around 1500 to 2000
  • 10.Will that include your exes? maybe...i will invite her..
  • 11.How many layers of cake do you want? 2 is enough...
  • 12.When do you want to get married, morning or evening? evening..
  • 13.Name the song/tune you'd like to play at your wedding- Di Renjis Renjis Di Pilis by Lagu Kahwin [Saloma]
  • 14.Do you prefer fine dining or just normal spoon & fork?knife? fine dining..
  • 15.Champagne or red wine? no in my list!!!
  • 16.Honeymoon right after the wedding or days after the wedding? 2 or 3 days after wedding..
  • 17.Money or household items? both of them..
  • 18.How many kids would you like to have? wanna 4..huhu
  • 19.Will you record your honeymoon in DVD/CD? yes.
  • 20.Whose wedding plan would you like to know next? anyone..

Portable - System Mechanic Pro v8.5.3.5

System Mechanic® 8 Fix and speed up your PC...automatically Is your computer running slower than it used to? Does it take longer than ever to boot up, to open files, and even to connect to the Internet? All PCs slow down with use. Over time, your normal computing activities leaves a tangled trail of junk files, fragmented drives, registry conflicts, and system errors that degrade performance.

iolo System Mechanic combines over 40 powerful tune-up tools to automatically clean your computer and keep it running fast and problem-free. The world’s best-selling PC tune-up software gives you the most complete suite of performance tools on the market, integrated in a simple, user-friendly interface. System Mechanic runs on 32-bit 64-bit Compatible versions of Windows Vista, XP, and 2000.

Enable Window XP automatic update function

Pernah jumpe masalah ni?
disini ada tips untuk repair balik masalah ni..

Click Start, Run and type REGEDIT

Navigate to this location:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Windows \ WindowsUpdate \ AU

In the right-pane, delete the two values AUOptions and NoAutoUpdate

Navigate to this location:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies \ WindowsUpdate

In the right-pane, delete the value DisableWindowsUpdateAccess

Virus Surabaya Fix Tool

Virus Profile: W97M/Bablas.aj

Risk Assessment: Home Low | Corporate Low
Date Discovered: 8/23/2000
Date Added: 11/8/2001
Origin: Unknown
Length: N/A
Type: Virus
Subtype: Macro
DAT Required: 4093


This is a virus detection. Viruses are programs that self-replicate recursively, meaning that infected systems spread the virus to other systems, which then propagate the virus further. While many viruses contain a destructive payload, it's quite common for viruses to do nothing more than spread from one system to another.


Word97Macro/Bablas.AJ (CA), Macro.Word97.Bablas.aj (AVP), W97M/Bablas.AJ (F-Prot), W97M/Bablas.AJ (Panda), W97M_BABLAS.AJ (Trend), WM97/Bablas-AJ (Sophos)

surabaya fix tool.

How to Delete Surabaya virus

Many people are facing problem with the new USB worms coming up,one such worm is Surabaya Virus[As it calls itself by that name!]

Some info:Surabaya is the second largest city in Indonesia,the name and language suggests that the worm was actually originated in Indonesia by some spammer.Ok,enough about it’s history,Let’s get into the details of the worm’s operation.

When the virus enters your system,the following message would come up:

Surabaya in my birthday
Don't kill me, i'm just send message from your computer
Terima kasih telah menemaniku walaupun hanya sesaat, tapi bagiku sangat berarti
Maafkan jika kebahagiaan yang kuminta adalah teman sepanjang hidupku
Seharusnya aku mengerti bahwa keberadaanku bukanlah disisimu, hanyalah lamunan dalam sesal
Untuk kekasih yang tak kan pernah kumiliki 3r1k1m0

And it creates a lot of ‘.SCR’ files and also changes Shell Extensions for all Drives(C,D,E,F,G,H..whatever).

So when you try to open any drive,or if you right-click on any drive you’ll be amazed to find “Test,Configure” instead of standard “Open/Explore”.

It also changes the registry to hide all the hidden folders and also disables ‘FOLDER OPTIONS’.

Let’s See How to Remove Surabaya virus


>>STEP1:First,Delete file ‘Autorun.inf’ which allows the malicious script to run automatically when you click/double click on the drive.

If you are not able to delete it from Windows Explorer,then you can try using ‘DOS Command Prompt’. To enter into this,

Go to Start Menu>Click on RUN>Type ‘cmd’ ,Click ‘OK’.

Now the command prompt will be opened up,

the default root will be ‘C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>’

You have to change it to ‘C:\’,to do that type ‘cd..’ twice and it’ll take you to ‘C:\’.

Now type attrib autorun.inf -s -h –r[And Hit ‘Enter’-This is to change attributes if the file so that we can delete it]

Now Type ‘DEL autorun.inf’

>>STEP2:The Second step is very important because you need to work with ‘Windows Registry’

Warning:Any unwanted mistakes in the registry,I’ll guarantee you that your OS will be dumped.

Ok let’s start it:

As in the first step,go to Start>Click on RUN>type ‘REGEDIT’ and press ‘ok’.

[Note:’REGEDIT’ stands for Windows Registry Edit]

How to Remove Surabaya virus

Then Click on>“HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE”[Click onthe ‘+’ sign]

Then find ‘SOFTWARE’ and Again Click on the ‘+’ sign next to it.

Registry Editor

Next Find ‘Microsoft’ under it and then ‘WINDOWS NT’

Next ‘CURRENT VERSION’ and finally find ‘WINLOGON’.


on the right windows (under data) modify or delete “LegalNoticeCaption” & “LegalNoticeText”.


This removes any message coming up in the start up.

>>STEP3:Let’s see how to enable FOLDER OPTIONS to show hidden files


Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\

Folder Options

If CheckedValue = "0" the change it to “1” as shown above.

This will enable the ‘FOLDER OPTIONS’ and will show hidden files/folders if checked.

This will only stop from running again,but will not actually kill it,You have use good Anti-Virus Softwares like Kaspersky Anti-Virus/AVG/BItDefender

Tagline for my blog..

Sekarang ni ramai dok sibuk pasal hal politik negeri aku..aku just ambil tahu, nk post kat blog xmau la, bkn minat aku pn..
aku just nk mintak tolong kawan² kasi cadangan tagline yg sesuai utk blog aku..
sape² pn leh kac pendapat...
aku akan decide tagline terbaik dan akan aku guna utk blog aku pada jumaat depan 13 Febuary 2009.
Sape² yg berminat pun leh bagi pendapat ye..

PDF to Word Converter

PDF2Word(pdf to word) software enable export the text, images and other contents from pdf document into word document, so you can reuse your PDF content, pdf to word software will preserving text, layout and bitmap images in the generated word document. PDF2Word(pdf to word) software is a standalone program and does not require Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, or even Acrobat Reader.
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  • 13. PDF to Word Converter supports Page ranges (all, from to, individual pages);
  • 14. PDF to Word Converter supports five reconstruction modes for PDF to Word conversion.

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